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Site Notes

You may have noticed the changes to the site. the Message boards are gone, replaced by message boards on the main site. Its not like they were being used anyway. the NBA news and notes are gone, because franlkly, it was a pain i nthe butt, and not worth the time and effort to do it for me. Some of the otehr stuff that is gone was trial stuff that obviously failed to make the grade. Hopefully the site is streamlined sufficantly. Starting next update, I will just put the links on the main page, to the stories on the site, more like a regualr site. But for now this is what its going to be like. Also, you may or may not notice, that the E-mail address is now the Blazerjay address was and has had so many problems, that I am shutting it down after changing my e0mail here and at Hope you enjoy the new look, and the more frequent updates, and E-mail me on anything you want to see.


These are not my stories, so don't bug me on their content, I just link to them for a national perspective on the stories involved.